Extreme Pressure High Temperature Grease 7019-1

SINOPEC Extreme Pressure High temperature Grease 7019-1 is manufactured from semi-synthetic base oil, a lithium complex thickener and EP, antioxidant, anticorrosion additives etc. According to GB/T 7631.8-90(ISO6743/9-1987), it can be classified as follow:L-XCEBB00, L-XCEBB0, L-XCEBB1, L-XCEBB2, L-XCEBB3.



Features & Benefits

    ·  Outstanding performance over wide temperature ranges

    ·  Excellent retention and resistance to high-temperature degradation

    ·  Better performance in high load, high temperature and high-speed conditions ordinary lithium complex grease


    ·  Grease 7019-1 meets the requirements of specification Q/SH303 151--2004


    ·  Grease 7019-1(1),(2),(3) are designed for the lubrication of various high load rolling elements bearings while Grease 7019-1(0),(00) are optimum lubricant for gear box

    ·  Suitable operation temperature ranged from -30~150?C,180?C in short-term

Typical Properties

ItemGrease  7019-1Test Methods
NLGL  Consistency32100
AppearanceLight Yellow to  Brown Smooth butteryEye  View
Worked Penetration (60 strokes),0.1mm234283325372415GB/T  269
Dropping Point,?C?C>300>300>300263210GB/T  3498
Oil  Bleeding,%(w/w)6.2--GB/T  392
Evaporation  Loss (180?C),%(w/w)1.8SH/T  0337
Corrosion  Test(45# Steel,100?C,3h)PassSH/T  0331
Apparent  Viscosity (-20?C,10s-1)Pa·S1038872750--SH/T  0048
Load Capability (Four Ball Test) ,N  PB1029GB/T  3142


    ·  Do not mix two different greases in one application because the greases may react chemically and deteriorate. Mixtures are, at best, a compromise between the characteristics of the two

    ·  Keep grease from being contaminated by water and impurities during storage and transportation

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