High Temperature Grease 7014-1

SINOPEC High Temperature Grease 7014-1 is manufactured from a synthetic fluid and a special nonsoap thickener. Its consistency is about NLGI No. 2. According to GB/T 7631.8-90 (ISO6743/9-1987), Grease 7014-1 can be classified as follow:L-XDGEA2.




Features & Benefits

    ·  Excellent retention and resistance to high temperature degradation

    ·  Special thickener provides a outstanding tenacious structural stability

    ·  Very low starting and running torque values

    ·  Exceptional temperature reductions in the load zone of rolling element bearings


    ·  Grease 7014-1 meets the requirements of specification GB-11124-89


    ·  7014-1 is designed for the lubrication of various rolling elements bearings worked in high temperature

    ·  Suitable operation temperature ranged from -40~200?C

Typical Properties

ItemJan-14Test Methods
AppearanceBeige  Smooth ButteryEye  View
Dropping Point,?C≥280GB/T3498
1/4 Penetration (60 strokes),0.1mm70GB/T269
Corrosion Test(T3Cu,100?C,3h)PassSH/T0331
Apparent Viscosity(-40?C,10s-1),Pa·s683SH/T0048


    ·  Do not mix two different greases in one application because the greases may react chemically and deteriorate. Mixtures are, at best, a compromise between the characteristics of the two

    ·  Keep grease from being contaminated by water and impurities during storage and transportation

    ·  Check the organic material compatibility with before application

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