4502 Synthetic Compressor Oil

SINOPEC 4502 Synthetic Compressor Oil is formulated from synthetic base stocks. A well-chosen package includes anti-oxidants, anti-corrosion and anti-wears additives which imparts the oil an excellent performance in air compressor systems.





      ? Outstanding thermal resistance stability, preventing oil from damage in high temperature condition

      ? Good material adaptability, preventing oil from leaking out of system in 

      ? Excellent thermal conductive performance, reducing operation temperature of air compressor

      ? Outstanding coking and deposit resistant performance, enhancing safety of air compressor working in high temperature conditi on

      ? Outstanding high/low temperature performance, ensuring normal operation of system in wide temperature range

      ? Good lubricity, protecting compressor from wear

      ? Outstanding over-all performance, ensuring a long service life of 4000h~8000h of air compressor system


      The product meets the following specifications:

     ? Q/SH303 102-2007


     ? Widely used to lubrication of small/moderate/large sized single/multi-stage (s) reciprocating or rotary type air compressor wherein grade 32~68 for low/moderate pressure rotary compressor as well as small/moderate sized reciprocating compressor and grade 100~220 for moderate/high pressure reciprocating compressor and large-sized rotary compressor

     ? Applied temperature range: -40?C~110?C for rotary compressor and -35?C~200?C for reciprocating compressor, possibly reaching 220?C in short time

Typical Properties

 Items4502  synthetic compressor oil
Grade  32Grade  46Grade  68Grade100Grade  150
 Neutralization value, mgKOH/g 32.046.3 67.598.4149.3
 Flash point (COC), ?C 0.16 0.20 0.17 0.19 0.18
 Freezing point, ?C 216 230 242 250 248
 Anti-emulsification performance, min -59 -55 -52 -45 -45
 Corrosion (T2Cu, 100?C, 3h) , level 5 4.8 2.1 8 3.5
 Carbon residue, %(m/m) lb lb lb lb lb
   Before oxidation 0.05 0.02 0.06 0.05 0.08
   After oxidation0.

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