Food Processing Machinery Grease

Thickened by hydroxystearate soap with deeply refined food-grade base oil, SINOPEC Food Processing Machinery Grease is nonpoisonous and harmless a product. According to GB/T7631.8-90(ISO6743/9-1987), it can be classified as follow: L-XBAEA 2-3.




Features & Benefits

    ·  Fine, smooth, clean and clear appearance

    ·  Excellent resistance to water washout and good lubricity

    ·  Nonpoisonous, harmless products approved by Tianjin Sanitation and Antiepidemic Station.

    ·  Do not contain heavy metal, nitrite and other chemical that endanger human’s health and cause pollute to the environment.

Technical specification

    ·  Meets the following performance specification: Q/SH303 281-2004


    ·  Can be used for bearings of common food processing machinery and beverage production equipment

    ·  Application temperature range: –20?C to 60?C.

Typical Properties

ItemsTypical  PropertiesTest Method
Worked Cone Penetration,0.1mm268ASTM  D217
Dropping point,?C120ASTM  D566
Water washout(38?C,1h),%0.25ASTM  D1264


    ·  Prevent water and impurities during storage and transportation.

    ·  Do not mix with other type of grease.

    ·  Do not heat before using.


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