Motorcycle Shock Absorber Oil

As a special product dedicated to motorcycle shock absorber,SINOPEC Motorcycle Shock Absorber Oil is blended with highly refined base stock with high viscosity index and multi-functional additives. It is applied to all kinds of motorcycle shock absorbers working under severe conditions.




      ? Outstanding high/low temperature properties, with application conditions of all weather, propitious application at temperature of -40?C to 50?C

      ? High viscosity index, good viscosity and temperature properties, ensuring good viscosity

      ? Relatively strong anti-oxidation ability, providing fill-for-life protection to shock absorber

      ? Excellent anti-wear and friction reducing abilities, effectively protecting parts of shock

      ? Good foam stability and rubber compatibility, ensuring normal and smooth running of shock absorber parts

Performance specification

     The product meets the following specifications:

     ? Q/SH303 065-2007


    ? Suitable for motorcycle shock absorber

    ? Especially suitable for all kinds of shock absorbers working under severe conditions

Typical properties

 ItemsMotorcycle  Shock Absorber Oils
ISO  viscosity grade152232
Kinematic  viscosity(40?C),mm2/s13.7920.1432.66
Flash  Point(COC),?C min182213225
Pour  point, ?C-45-35-36


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