FB 2T Motorcycle Oil

SINOPEC FB 2T Motorcycle Oil is formulated with high quality base stocks and functional additives, and is blended with world's advanced manufacturing techniques. The product is designed to work with air-cooled two-stroke gasoline engines in moderate conditions.


      ? Increasing power efficiency, ensuring smooth driving and powerful output

      ? Good detergency and dispersancy, preventing pollution on ignition plug, reducing stem in vent

      ?  Ideal anti-wear property, preventing wear of piston and cylinder liner, prolonging service life of engine

      ?  With diluent, facilitating mixing with gasoline in injection system or automatic lubricant injection system in advance

Performance specification

      The product meets the following specifications:

      ?  JASO FB

      ?  SH/T 0675-1999


      ?  Suitable for small size, air cooled, two stroke gasoline engine working in moderate conditions, such as those air cooled, low duty, two stroke motorcycles engine with displacement less than about 50mL

      ?  Suitable for such machines as timber cutter, grass cutter, motor sleigh, atomizer and so on

      ?  Recommended fuel/oil ratio at 25~50:1

Typical properties

 ItemsFB 2T motorcycle oil
Kinematic viscosity (100?C  ), mm2/s8.772
Pour point, ?C -15
Flash point (COC),  ?C 145
Flash point (closed),?C122
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