Fully Synthetic 2T Motorcycle Oil

SINOPEC Fully Synthetic 2T Motorcycle Oil is formulated with synthetic base stocks and high quality functional additives and is blended with world's advanced techniques. The product is suitable for lubricating two-stroke gasoline engines working in severe conditions. Recommended fuel/oil ratio range is from 25:1 to 50:1.


     ? Minimum exhaust level

     ?  Keeping engines clean

     ?  Effectively preventing engine piston from scratching and sticking

     ?  Rapid reaction for changing engine speed

     ?  With diluent, facilitating mixing with gasoline in injection system or automatic lubricant injection system in advance

     ? Prolonging service life of engines

Performance specification

     The product meets the following specifications:

     ?  ISO EGD

     ?  Q/SH303 257-2007


    ?  Suitable for two stroke engines working in extremely severe conditions, such as engines of karts and racing motorcycles

    ?  Suitable for such machines as timber cutting chain saw, grass cutter, motor sleigh and so on

    ?  Recommended fuel/oil ratio range from 25:1 to 50:1

Typical properties

 ItemsFully synthetic 2T motorcycle oils
Kinematic viscosity(100?C),mm2/s6.92
Viscosity index    165
Pour Point,?C -15
Flash point (COC), ?C  102
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