SG/CD General Engine Oil

SINOPEC SG/CD General Engine Oils are formulated with high quality mineral base stocks and multiple additives. These products are suiTABLE for lubrication of gasoline and diesel oil engines using SG, CD engine oils or below.




      ? Meet all performance requirements of SG gasoline engine oil and CD diesel engine oil

      ? Excellent detergency and dispersancy, and high and low temperature fluidity 

      ? Good shear stability, extreme pressure and anti-wear properties

      ? Outstanding oxidation resistance and excellent anti-rust performance

Performance specification

      The product meets the following specifications:

      ? API SG/CD

      ? GB 11121-2006 SG, GB 11122-2006 CD


      ? Suitable for gasoline engine requiring oils of SG, SF and SE, and diesel engine requiring oils of CD and CC

      ? Suitable for lubrication of engines of various kinds of cars and large coaches

Viscosity grade and type

      ? SAE 40, 50, 10W-30, 15W-40 and 20W-50

Typical Properties

ItemsSG/CD engine oil
SAE  viscosity  grade10W-3015W-40
Kinematic  viscosity(100?C),mm2/s11.515.5
Flash  point (COC), ?C210220
Pour  point, ?C-35-27
Low  temperature dynamic viscosity, mPa.s6310  (-25?C)6010  (-20?C)
Low  temperature apparent viscosity, mPa.s21400  (-30?C)28600  (-25?C)
High  temperature and high shear (150?C,106s-1), mPa.s2.964.2

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