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SJ Petroleum Machinery

SJ Petroleum Machinery Co. , one of petroleum drilling and production equipment backbone manufacturers and Manufacturing Base for National Key Equipment (Workover, Cementing and Fracturing Equipment) recognized by National Economy and Trade Commission, has provided lots of advanced equipment to domestic customers in lieu of expensive imported equipment, and played an important role in increasing profits of petroleum industry and decreasing domestic oilfield development cost.

In the 1980s, we already had the capability of providing 1000 sets of pumping units each year, and then introduced seven advanced technologies for workover rigs, cementing units, fracturing packages, fracturing pump and high pressure fluid control products. Thus our research and development capabilities and comparative advantage steadily grew. We can now supply four major categories of products including drilling & workover equipment, production equipment, offshore drilling & production equipment and high pressure manifolds, 12 families and more than 200 types of products.

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