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The Supervisory Committee is responsible for the shareholders’ meeting.

1.Review the Company's financial position;

2.Supervise directors and senior management, to ensure they act within the law, regulations, the Company's Articles of Association and its attachment. Put forward proposal on dismissing directors or senior management that either violated laws, administrative regulations, the Company’s Articles of Association or approved by shareholders meeting;

3.Ensure that directors and senior management are disciplined should they act in a way that is harmful to the Company;

4.Check and inspect the Company's financial and business reports before their submission to the shareholders' general meeting; and to authorize, in the Company's name, public accountants to assist in the review of such information should any doubt arise in respect to the accuracy of the reports. Examine regular corporate report compiled by the Board of the Directors and put forward written proposals;

5.Propose extraordinary general meetings of shareholders. Convene and hold general meetings of shareholders while the Board of Directors failed to implement that responsibility written in the Corporate Law.

6.Submit proposals to the general meeting of shareholders

7.Propose to hold provisional board meetings

8.Negotiate with or file appeals against directors or senior management

9.Conduct inspections on abnormal business operations and may hire certified accountants office or lawyers office for coordination with fees borne by the company.

10.Other roles and responsibilities stipulated in the Association of Articles and Supervisory Committee Business Rules.

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