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Meetings of the Supervisory Committee


The supervisory committee meets at least four times per year and includes an annual and interim results meeting, and two quarterly results meetings.

Additional meetings are convened by the chairman of the supervisory committee upon the following:

1.A request of the chairman of the supervisory committee;

2.A request of the supervisors;

3.When the Company has suffered, or is suffering, a substantial loss of assets to the detriment of shareholders' interests;

4.When senior management or directors act against the law, or the Company's Articles of Association, causing the Company to be seriously damaged.

5.Other cases specified in laws, regulations, department rules and Associations of Articles.

Regular and extraordinary meetings of the supervisory committee may be held by telephone, video-telephone, and by way of written resolution. Notice of a supervisory committee meeting will be given to supervisors at least ten days in advance to ensure supervisors have time to prepare.

2.Selection of Agenda Items

The administrative office of the supervisory committee is responsible for gathering items to be examined from the board of directors and supervisors, and submitting these to the chairman of the supervisory committee. The chairman determines which items to submit to the supervisory committee for review.

3.Meeting Attendance

At least two-thirds of the supervisors are needed for a valid supervisory committee meeting to commence.

Supervisors unable to attend meetings may, by written authorization, appoint another supervisor to act as his/her proxy.


Each supervisor has one (1) vote.

All supervisory committee resolutions need a vote of more than two-thirds of all members to pass.

A supervisor will have deemed to waive his/her voting rights if he/she is not present at the board meeting and fails to appoint a proxy to act on his/her behalf.

If more than one-fourth of the supervisors or two external supervisors believe that there is not sufficient information available to render a judgment on a specific item, or the motion is not convincing, the supervisory committee will postpone the examination of the specific item.

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