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Board Committees

The board of directors has four committees; Strategic Planning, Audit, Remuneration and Evaluation, Social Responsibility Management Committee. Each committee is composed of members of the board of directors.

1.Strategic Planning Committee

Role - The strategic development committee is responsible for studying and proposing long-term strategy and major corporate investments.

2.Audit Committee

Role - The audit committee has the following responsibilities:

1.To propose the appointment or replacement of the external auditor;

2.To review the annual, interim and quarterly report to be submitted to Board of Directors;

3.To supervise internal audit system and its implementation;

4.To communicate between internal and external audit;

5.To examine financial information and its disclosure;

6.To examine internal control system.

3.Remuneration and Evaluation Committee

Role - The remuneration and evaluation committee is responsible for researching and examining remuneration policy and proposal of directors, supervisors and senior executives;

4.Social Responsibility Management Committee

Role - The social responsibility management committee is responsible for the research on policy, management, strategy and planning of social responsibility, as well as the review on the enforcement of annual social responsibility plan.

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